Jane Eliza's Family Tree

Jane Eliza Welham Family Tree


Family tree provided by Shirley Brierley of Sydney ( a descendant of Eliza Welham).

I have omitted anyone born after 1920 to protect the privacy of those still living, at Shirley’s request.

Jane Eliza and James Shaw’s children are shown in blue, and after each child is listed their

descendants.  Any additions or corrections are most welcome.


Jane Eliza Welham (b.29 Aug 1836-Essex,England;d.26 Jun 1875-Windmill St.,Millers Point,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: James Alexander Shaw (b.16 Nov 1828 Ballygary, Co Antrim, Ireland) m.22 Mar 1855)


1. James Alexander Shaw (b.1856-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1929-,Tenterfield,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Ann Olliver (m.1874;d.1882-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

2. Ann S Shaw (b.1876-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Charles H Johnson (m.1896)

2. Rebecca Shaw (b.1879-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Vernon J Angle (m.1906)

2. James J S Shaw (b.1881-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Margaret Dunbar (m.1905.


1. Eliza Jane Shaw (b.1858-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust;d.1935-,S.Kensington,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Charles Lewis Lamond (b.5 Feb 1855-Easter-Ardoe,Banchory Devenick,Kincardine,Scotland;m.1 Jan 1881)

2. Charles L Lamond (b.1884-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Marion Marley (m.1920)

2. Violet F Lamond (b.1887-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Charles R Heath (m.1911)

3. Violet F Heath (b.1913-,Petersham,Nsw,Aust)

2. Lillian M Lamond (b.1889-,Balmain n.,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Alfred Edward H James (b.10 Jan 1885-East Wardell,L,Nsw;m.1914;d.23 Jun 1958-Petersham,N,Aust)

3. Alfred H James (b.1916-,Waverley,Nsw,Aust)

2. Alexander J Lamond (b.1891-,Balmain n.,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Nina Heath Edgar (m.1905;d.1941-,Kogarah,Nsw,Aust)

3. John F Lamond (b.1906-,Rockdale,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Edith Boag (m.1929)

3. Ailsa N Lamond (b.1908-,Rockdale,Nsw,Aust)

3. Melva V Lamond (b.1916-,Rockdale,Nsw,Aust)

2. Milton G Lamond (b.1894-,Balmain S.,Nsw,Aust)

2. Francis W Lamond (b.1897-,Balmain S.,Nsw,Aust;d.1916-,Burwood,Nsw,Aust)


1. Catherine J Shaw (b.1859-,Rylstone,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Frederic Robbins (m.1906;d.1916-,Burwood,Nsw,Aust)

2. Alice M Robbins (b.1913-,Adelong,Nsw,Aust;d.1916-,Adelong,Nsw,Aust)

2. Albert G Robbins (b.1915-,Adelong,Nsw,Aust)


1. William Shaw (b.1860-,Newcastle,Nsw,Aust)


1. Mary A Shaw (b.1862-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;d.1863-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)


1. Francis W Shaw (b.1864-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;d.1928-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Eva M Kelly (m.1888)

2. Leslie F Shaw (b.1888-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Beatrice V Pearce (b.1897-,Balmain n.,Nsw,Aust;m.1915)

3. Violet M Shaw (b.1914-,Liverpool,Nsw,Aust)

3. Leslie W Shaw (b.1916-,Glebe,Nsw,Aust)

3. Gwendoline M Shaw (b.1917-,Balmain n.,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Elsie Straker (b.1912-,Kurri Kurri,Nsw,Aust;m.1932)

2. Jane Eliza Shaw (b.1891-,Balmain n.,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Alfred O Terrill (m.1910)

2. Gwendoline Margaret Terrill (b.1911-,Balmain S.,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Angus Gordon Kinnaird Falconer (m.1943)

3. William F Terrill (b.1913-,Balmain S.,Nsw,Aust)

2. James A Shaw (b.1894-,St Peters,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Ivy M Spalding (m.1915)

   sp: Nina Maud Longman (m.1944)

2. Eva A Shaw (b.1896-,Waterloo,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Denis M Byrne (b.1897-,Petersham,Nsw,Aust;m.1927)

2. Alfred E Shaw (b.1899-,Waterloo,Nsw,Aust)



1. Annie Augusta Shaw (b.1866-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: James Walter Black (b.1858-,Braidwood,Nsw,Aust;m.1884;d.1931-,Lismore,Nsw,Aust)

2. Florence A Black (b.1884-,Balmain,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: William J Pearce (m.1905)

3. Arthur J Pearce (b.1906-,Lismore,Nsw,Aust)

2. Unnamed Black (b.1890-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

2. Albert A Black (b.1892-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Ivy M Wood (b.1895-,Casino,Nsw,Aust;m.1914)

3. Iris M Black (b.1916-,Lismore,Nsw,Aust)

2. Lily M Black (b.1895-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: George T Arnett (b.1890-,Moruya,Nsw,Aust;m.1918)

2. Charles Balfour Black (b.1897-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Elizabeth Jordan McElroy Bradshaw (b.1895-,Newtown,Nsw,Aust;m.1919;d.1944)

3. C W Black (b.Abt 1920)

2. James H Black (b.1900-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Jean N Bradshaw (m.1922)

2. Alice M -Black (b.1902-,Ballina,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Robert M Black (b.1900-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;m.1923)

2. Nellie L Black (b.1906-,Lismore,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Eric A Graham (m.1927)

   sp: Arthur Ormrod Hacking (m.1938)


1. Alfred Ernest Shaw (b.1869-,Sydney,NSW,Aust; d.1940-,Ryde,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Emily Mary Eliza McCarthy (m.17/08/1889)

2. Alfred W. Shaw (b.1890)

2. Amy E.Shaw (b.1891)

2. Albert E. Shaw (b.1893)

2. Annie E Shaw (b.1895)

2. Agnes E Shaw (b.1900)

2. Arthur E Shaw (b.1903) 

2. Allan E. Shaw (b.1905)

2. Austin E. Shaw (b.1908)

2. Amelia E. Shaw (b.1912) 


1. Amy Florence Shaw (b.1871-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: George J Beer (m.1888)

2. Amy M Beer (b.1889-,Orange,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: John C "Jack" James (b.1895-,Cootamundra,Nsw,Aust;m.1913;d.1921-,Newtown,Nsw,Aust)

3. Alma M James (b.1914-,Paddington,Nsw,Aust)

2. Hilda F Beer (b.1891-,Orange,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Alfred E Stanley (m.1912;d.1937-,Coonamble,Nsw,Aust)

3. Amy S Stanley (b.1912-,Warren,Nsw,Aust;d.1919-,Newtown,Nsw,Aust)

2. Reginald G Beer (b.1894-,Orange,Nsw,Aust)

2. Alma F Beer (b.1897-,Cobar,Nsw,Aust)

   sp: Reuben H Peninton (b.1894-,Glebe,Nsw,Aust;m.1919)


1. Wilfred Henry Shaw (b.1874-,Sydney,Nsw,Aust;d.7 Oct 1874-18 Market Street West,Sydney,Nsw,Aust)





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Irene French | Reply 04.04.2017 00:37

My great grandmther name was alice peninton and her fathers name was reuben
t peninton Their familly all came from Glebe from 1800s onwould yoy be to

Jenny Richardson 04.04.2017 14:31

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Naomi | Reply 24.07.2013 18:22

HI there,

Um Alfred Ernest/Ernest Alfred was NOT married to Adelaide Alvarez, he was married to Emily Mary McCarthy. I have his death cert here.

caroline page | Reply 11.11.2012 02:48

nina maud longman married james alexander shaw in 1944 n.s.w. nina died 4-10- 1975. have i the right nina did they have any children.

Jenny Richardson 11.11.2012 08:49

Sorry Caroline, but I have no further information than what is recorded above on Jane Eliza's family tree. That does not mean they didn't have children though.

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