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Written by Harlee on 20. Jul, 2018
Treat your inferiors as you would be treated by your betters.
Written by Jemma on 20. Jul, 2018
You make the failure complete when you stop trying.
Written by Sofia on 3. Apr, 2018
Well!!! I can learn many new things from your website.
Written by Queenie on 23. Feb, 2018
Really nice site :)
Written by Jo on 8. Aug, 2017
You are really doing an wonderful work, I will following you all time!
Written by Jenny on 9. Aug, 2015
Thank you Mike for your kind words. It is a very rewarding hobby.
Written by Mike on 8. Aug, 2015
Fabulous research and site.
Samuel & Eliza Welham are my wife's 3rd g grandparents. I will review with interest your research. Congratulations on your outstanding work.
Written by Robyn Regan on 19. Jul, 2015
Hi Jenny have come across your website - interesting. My grandmother was Pearl Maude Regan nee Walsh . My great grandmother was Alice Adelaide Watson daughter of Samuel Watson and Amelia Watson nee Perry.

There are a few things I can fill you in on that do not seem to be correct on the site.
Written by Jenny Richardson on 1. Jul, 2015
Hi Jennifer,
I have concentrated my research on descendants of Samuel & Eliza Welham who migrated to Australia in 1841. Alan Hughes of England (see message 22/02/2014) has an extensive family tree of Welhams in England. He may be able to help you.
Written by Jennifer Kuschel (Nee Saunders) on 1. Jul, 2015
I am a descendent of Alice Edith Welham who married my grandfather Joseph william Saunders, they migrated to Australia nin 1912/13. Alice is a descendant of Isaac Welham and Susanna Bragg of Buxhall, Suffolk. I would be interested to know if we are connected. I live in Wollongong Australia.
Written by Jenny Richardson (nee Welham) on 22. Feb, 2014
Further to Alan Hughes' email below, Benjamin Welham (b. Arlesford Essex 1821, died Arlesford Essex 1894) was the youngest of "our" Samuel's siblings.
Written by Alan Hughes on 22. Feb, 2014
I have just discovered your website and found apart of my family history that I knew nothing about. Samuel Welham (married to Mary Orpen) is my great-great-great grandfather, my mother now deceased was a Welham. I will enjoy taking the time to research your site properly and if anyone wants to know about my side of the family who are the descendants of Samuels son Benjamin married to Mary Tillet please feel free to contact me.
Written by Marionne Diggles on 26. Dec, 2013
Hi Jenny
This is a great website. Congratulations.
Many years ago I corresponded with Shirley and she and Tiny visited me in Toowoomba. I am a Watson - Welham descendant, my grandmother being a Lillicrap. I have not done any family history for years, but have now put it on my 'bucket list'. Cheers
Written by Lee Eggleston on 3. Dec, 2013
Fantastic website. Thomas Eggleston (sp. Mary Ann Orphan) is my great great grandfather; Ernest Albert - great grandfather; Jack Ernest - grandfather. Very keen to keep track of any updates and obtain any info. Kind Regards
Written by Sue Valletta on 17. Aug, 2013
Hi, Richard Watson is my great great grandfather. Hock Watson is my Grand Father. Great Article

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19.01 | 16:59

Hi Jenny
The photo of Richard is actually of his son, Richard William Watson.
I know, because I fell into the same trap!

19.01 | 16:52

My family tree is available on Ancestry and I have done my DNA is there's anyone here who wants to compare!

19.01 | 16:50

My name is Christine Harris (nee Watson), a descendant of Eliza Welham and Richard Watson. I have only just come across your page. Wonderful!!

29.12 | 10:27

Hi Jenny, I am in transit back to QLD from Newcastle but I have the jar with me & will take some photographs as soon as I arrive home.Will ask mum re price :)